Message from the President

The pace of change in the Collision Industry has been rapid and unprecedented. With insurance companies taking bigger roles in influencing how our customers run their businesses, increased regulation and enforcement, recessionary pressures, and greater than before access to information for the public, we strive to be a partner that walks with our customers.

In 1997 we became a single line PPG Platinum Distributor; we enjoy a close relationship with our supplier which translates into increased reliability and supply chain integrity for us and our customers. Value added services are never better than through a Platinum Distributor. MVP Business Solutions covers programs such as Lean Production for Collision, Business training, Marketing training, access to training files and educational videos.

In addition to the MVP Business Solutions available to our customers, we also offer product specific training at PPG’s local training center In Kissimmee. Additionally, teams of trainers are available to help you at your shop to “Convert with Confidence” from Solvent platforms to our new Envirobase waterborne platform that is currently taking the Collision industry to new heights in green technology. Water is no longer just for the early adopters, but for leaders in the industry!

Partner with us, partner with success!

Kindest regards,

Robert E Watson
Robert Watson

PPG Bringing Innovation to the Surface!

Robert Watson